Joint Rapid Response Force: 11 ° sharpshooters in action


During the past month of June, the 11 ° Bersaglieri regiment has conducted a series of intense training activities aimed at maintaining the skills already acquired by the unit structures contingent on the Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF) requirement.

Taking advantage of the nearby training areas, the 11 ° bersaglieri has developed exercises at team, platoon and minor complex level using VCC 80 DARDO conducting a particularly profitable activity.

This exercise, which completed the training phase, was carried out by contrasting the Dardo and Spike long-range wagons on the ground, thus seeking a real confirmation of the potential of the single weapon systems and the training of the sharpshooters.

An exercise with opposing parties was developed, which made it possible, in practice, to further refine the skills acquired when validating the JRRF assets.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces