Military rescue instructors in Pfullendorf

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, as part of the health training courses of the Army, a collaboration was started between the School of Health and Military Veterinary (Sanivet) of Rome and the International Special Training Center (ISTC) of Pfullendorf (Germany).

Lieutenant Oronzo Chialà and Chief Marshal Matteo Taiani, both military rescue instructors, were employed, for the first time, as guest instructor at the ISTC, as part of the "Basic Medical Training" course in favor of special forces.

In particular, the military conducted theoretical-practical didactic activities on trauma in combat, using the so-called "high fidelity simulation" and innovative "military moulage" techniques.

The fruitful collaboration, undertaken for over a year between Italy and Germany, is the confirmation of an ever greater involvement of the educational sector of the School with the training center of Pfullendorf.

In fact, the Institute is developing a series of projects aimed at bridging the reduction in the ISTC training offer which will be limited, from next year, exclusively to carrying out advanced training courses.

"We are ready to take up the challenge, we always look to the future ... we have the potential and professionalism to be able to achieve increasingly significant results in the training of military first responder personnel, for the immediate management of emergencies and pre-hospital emergencies in the tactical field", commented the commander of the Sanivet School, Major General Luigi Maria D'Anna.