"Sassari" logistic regiment established in Cagliari

(To Army Majority State)

From the next 1 November the glorious Flag of War of the dissolved "Cremona" logistic battalion, which was long stationed in Sardinia during the Second World War, will fly into the "Attilio Mereu" Barracks of the newly established "Sassari" logistic regiment, in the city ​​of Cagliari, and will join the banners of the glorious "Dimonios" units.

The constitution and consequent feeding of the regiment, is part of the wider transformation of the logistic support of the operative forces of the Army, and will allow the brigade Sassari to make use of a department that will see its implementation in successive phases such as to allow the full operation of the individual units being set up. This in order to have on the island of a regiment able to guarantee support in any situation within the tasks assigned to the "Sassari" brigade.

The important capacity development process of the new operating unit will see steady and continuous growth in the coming months, with an influx of personnel and resources. The provision is part of the 5 challenges of the Army, which represent the programmatic lines of development of the terrestrial instrument, to have a ready and modern Armed Force oriented to face the commitments of the future, and which will be deepened during the Conference 2019 Army.

In this forum, which will represent a useful forum from which to generate new ideas to stimulate the Army innovation process, they will be analyzed according to a multidisciplinary approach and through thematic discussion and comparison sessions, the 5 macro areas, Personnel, Training, Capacity and Systems, Infrastructures and Organization, in which the Army will continue in its continuous process of innovation.

The Army Conference will see, in its final phase, the presentation of various lines of action that will emerge from the analysis of the thematic sessions, which will be integrated together and will constitute the road map to be implemented in the immediate future.