Intense period of activity for the Folgore Parachuting Training Center

(To Army Majority State)

After an intense week of aviation activities conducted with the techniques of automatic opening and free fall, he started in Pisa, at the Parachute Training Center, the airborne qualification course with automatic opening for the first 30 aspiring paratroopers who are attending the 62nd course "Air Combat Techniques".

After successfully passing the first selective phase of the "Combat Method for Air Force" course in recent months, the students started the last step of their journey to become "military paratrooper" of the thunderbolt.

The course takes place over four weeks during which, under the guidance of the instructors, the young paratroopers will safely face the challenge of the operational aircraft.

At the same time, the “currency DL” seminar is also underway, aimed at constantly updating the launch managers, one of the most important figures during the conduct phases of the aviation business.

Il Parachute Training Center of the "Folgore" paratrooper brigade, which contains within its unit of excellence in the field of training, it is the only department of the Armed Forces qualified to qualify for military paratroopers and the various technical qualifications connected to it.