Intense training activity for the AVES regiment of Casarsa

(To Army Majority State)

These days the women and men of the 5 ° "Rigel" regiment are engaged in an intense training activity that sees them busy day and night. The culmination of the activities will be reached in the week between the 17 and the 21 June when, under the coordination of the Army aviation command, at the "Francesco Baracca" airport of Casarsa della Delizia will flow a platoon of soldiers of the 66 ° Aircraft Regiment " Trieste ”of Forlì and CH-47F and NH-90 helicopters of the 3 ° Aldebaran regiment of Viterbo and of the 7 °“ Vega ”regiment of Rimini for the periodic exercise called CAEX I-2019 (Complex Aviation Exercise) with which they are validated the crews of next use in the various Operative Theaters.

The supposed training scenario, in which the staff will conduct a "complex" exercise at opposite parties, will involve the training areas of the Cellina - Meduna, Osoppo, Rimini, Ravenna and Viterbo and will see the use of well 25 aircraft.

In the course of their activities, the staff of the 5 ° RIGEL, in preparation for this important exercise, received a visit from the commander of the North Operative Forces, the army corps general Amedeo Sperotto, who was able to see the person in person. high level of integration achieved by the RIGEL flight crews with the infantry of the 66 ° regiment in the field of aircraft operations. The soldiers of the 66 ° have been taken on board and disembarked from helicopters of various types with different techniques including that of the "fast rope", a technique which allows personnel to descend via a rope to 10-12 meters high with helicopter in stationary flight.

The CAEX I-2019 has the purpose of planning, organizing and conducting training activities aimed at achieving an effective standardization of the operating procedures in the operating environment, combining the specific capabilities of terrestrial and rotary wing units.