General Berto on Punta Charrà

(To Army Majority State)

A little over a month after the inauguration of the aided path “Brigata Alpina Taurinense", The commander of the Alpine troops general of the army corps Claudio Berto personally carried out the ascent to Punta Charrà, at an altitude of 2844 m., Testing the restoration works of the historic" Ferrata degli Alpini "which, on the Italian side, leads from the Passo della Mulattiera to the Passo della Sanità.

Accompanied by the commander of the "Taurinense" brigadier general Nicola Piasente, General Berto verified the work done by the engineers of the 32nd genius regiment and by the military mountaineering instructors of the brigade - together with the mountaineering teams and the ergotechnicians of the Civil Protection of the National Alpine Association - thanks to which it was possible to reopen the path, much appreciated by Italian and foreign mountaineers, severely compromised over the years by bad weather and wear of materials.

"The winning weapon of this recovery operation" General Berto declared “It was undoubtedly the close collaboration between all those who live and respect the mountain, as well as the communities that inhabit it and the institutions and organizations that care for and protect it. The synergy between the Alpine troops of the Army and the Civil Protection of the National Alpini Association then made it possible to have the skills and professionalism that only those who are the natural custodians of the mountain culture are able to provide ".

On the sidelines of the ascension, General Berto met with the mayor of Bardonecchia Francesco Avato, who again thanked the Alpine troops of the Italian Army for making the military road that leads from Colomion to the Passo della Mulattiera, and the via ferrata itself, witnessed today by the growing number of hikers who follow it.