The alpine 7 ° on the summit of the Schiara

(To Army Majority State)

The 16 July the tricolor waving on the top of Mount Schiara 2565 mslm, the soldiers of the 7 raised it on the summit, as usual.

To top off an intense training cycle in a summer mountain environment, which began in April with various mountain movement activities, progression on via ferratas and mountaineering courses, the alpieri platoon of the 7 ° alpine regiment of the "Julia" brigade, has arrived at the top of the mountain overlooking Belluno and Valbelluna.

The activity, very demanding in terms of complexity and duration, took place on a route that crosses various alpine environments, starting from the beech and fir woods to reach a rocky area, typical of medium-high mountains.

Two thousand one hundred and fifty are the meters of both positive and negative gradient that the alpes have faced equipped during 10 hours, covering three vie ferrate. If alpnis are considered for their capacity and expertise of squared soldiers, the Army Hedges can be considered "cube" soldiers, as recently declared by the commander of the Alpine Troops, general Claudio Berto, at the "Lavaredo 2019" exercise in that in addition to knowing how to conduct the typical military training activities, they express the technical / tactical skills in the vertical world.

"The mountain is in the DNA of the Alpine" - has on several occasions mentioned gen. Berto - and the alps, which are born to "make security" to the departments in activity and today specialize through a training course composed of different courses, are among the gems that the specialty is able to express.