33rd EW Regiment achieves Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) capability

(To Army Majority State)

The first phase of the "Carrier Strike 2021" exercise, during which personnel of the 33rd regiment, ended in recent days at the training area of ​​the Cellina Meduna polygon (PN) Electronic Warfare of Treviso, supported by electronic warfare operational support department area of tactical information brigade of Anzio, verified the ability of Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR), using the disturbing systems supplied to the department.

In particular, electronic attack activities were carried out aimed at inhibiting the use by hostile forces of the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite navigation service while at the same time guaranteeing its use by the terminals deployed by their own forces. Thanks to the very high levels of precision achieved, satellite navigation systems are increasingly used by the Armed Forces in the field of command and control functions, in navigation and in the use of precision-guided ammunition. The great importance of these satellite navigation systems means that they are targets of hostile activities aimed at degrading their performance or denying them access.

With an increasing reliance on these systems for position data, military operations become increasingly vulnerable to signal interruption by adversaries. The ability to deny its use by hostile forces is within the scope of Multi Domain Operations (Multi Domain Operations) in which military activities are conducted in order to obtain effects, simultaneously, in the land, sea, air, cyber and space domains.

The training experiences acquired with this exercise, which will be repeated in the coming months to refine procedures and capabilities, can also be used in the training of all units of the Italian Army.