The 186th “Folgore” leaving for Afghanistan

(To Army Majority State)

The commander of the Northern Operational Forces, general of the army corps Roberto Perretti, yesterday greeted the War Flag of the 186th “Folgore” parachute regiment at the Bandini Barracks in Siena, which will soon be deployed in the Afghan operational theater.

After six months of intense preparation, the "Folgore" paratrooper brigade will take over, in the coming days, the leadership of the "Train Advise Assist Command West" (TAAC-West), the NATO command with Italian leadership based in HERAT which has the task of continuing training, consultancy and assistance activities - Train Advise Assist (TAA) - for the Afghan defense and security forces deployed in the western region of the country.

Due to its characteristics, the "Folgore" parachute brigade, in addition to ensuring the presence of assets that can be readily used at short notice over large distances, is constantly engaged, even with small groups or individual specialists, in almost all international missions, where they are employed the Italian Armed Forces, and national forces with the “Safe Roads” operation.

It also guarantees, with the engineers' specialists, the interventions for the defusing of unexploded war devices and, with the personnel specialized in logistics, the support of the population hit by natural disasters and / or national emergencies.