The 183rd Nembo Paratrooper Regiment concludes the Steel Forge exercise 2 ^ -2020

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the military polygon of Carpegna (PU), over 200 paratroopers of the 183 ° "Nembo" regiment conducted the second of a series of exercises called Steel Forge.

With this exercise, the regiment trained the battalion's maneuvering units, verifying the effectiveness of the technical-tactical procedures. The main theme was the exercise phase that involved the "Pegaso" heavy mortar platoon of the 12th "Leopardi" company which fired with 120 mm Thomson mortars.

This series of training events aims to consolidate the capabilities of the department and to complete the preparation of the unit in anticipation of employment as LRF (Land Reserve Force).

La Steel Forge 2 ^ -2020 was included in the federated exercise "Dagger Resolve 2020" in order to train staff in the broader scope of Battlespace Management (BSM), because training in a realistic context allows to consolidate competence, flexibility, decision-making speed and spirit of initiative.