Army Rangers at Matterhorn 21

(To Army Majority State)

The "MATTERHORN 21" exercise, which involved the 4th "Ranger" paratrooper alpine regiment, in the conduct of special offensive operations and in training battalion level combat, ended in recent days at the Monte Romano shooting range. , in scenarios of warfighting.

The daytime and nighttime fire exercise was aimed at testing and consolidating conduct skills full spectrum of Special Operations by OS capacity packages of the 4th regiment, which operated together with units of the 185th parachute regiment, reconnaissance and acquisition of "Folgore" objectives (RRAO), with the interaction of rotary wing assets of the 3rd helicopter regiment for special operations “Aldebaran” (REOS) and with the support of the 28th “Pavia” regiment.

The activity saw the deployment of 4 special operations task unit (SOTU) who, following joint combat training, have planned and conducted multiple tactical acts, at high intensity and at a high operational pace, in a non-permissive scenario characterized by a hybrid threat.

During the activity, the SOTUs have acquired and engaged in fire, in direct and indirect mode, the appropriate targets, also through the use of organic fire sources and with the support of partner forces. In this context, the conduct of insertion, infiltration and remote attack in mode was tested Stand Off In (SOI), also with the help of digital systems of Command and Control and shot control. The exercise, held in compliance with the regulations aimed at limiting the spread of the COVID-19 contagion, was also an opportunity to carry out a symbolic handover of the CH helicopter line, with the greeting for the last activity of the CH47C and the carrying out , for the first time, of air raids with the Fune di Vincolo technique from the CH47F aircraft.

The 4th "Ranger" Alpine Paratrooper Regiment is an Army Special Forces unit made up of specifically selected and trained personnel, particularly trained and equipped to conduct the full spectrum of typical "Special Operations" tasks. The unit combines the typical capabilities of the mountain specialty (Alpine) and the air troops (paratroopers) and, among the Army Special Forces, is specifically designated and qualified to conduct operations in the mountain and arctic environments.