Army sappers train in a CBRN environment

(To Army Majority State)

The annual evaluation test on Biological Radiological and Nuclear Chemistry (CBRN) was completed in recent days in the state-owned area of ​​the former "Ivo Monti" seaplane base in the municipality of Cagnano Varano (FG). and the women of the 11th Engineer Regiment, a specialized unit of the mechanized brigade Pinerolo.

The training activity was carried out in the presence of a brigade command verification team Pinerolo and conducted under the direction ofControl Center area (ACC), a body responsible for managing information and reporting CBRN events, under the command of the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Joint Forces School of Rieti. On this occasion it was possible to verify and evaluate the capabilities, individual and departmental, that the regiment is capable of expressing in the defense sector against attacks of a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear nature.

The Army engineers were engaged in various tests such as the detection of "agents" contaminating the personnel, the reclamation of vehicles, the use of specific instrumentation to detect contamination; the reaction times to the alarm and those necessary to activate the procedures for these dangerous criticalities were also tested.

On the occasion, operational scenarios were simulated in which the assets of the "Pinerolo" engineers' regiment could find themselves operating, this allowed the personnel in training to also refine the technical-tactical and command and control procedures to be adopted in the presence of CBRN emergencies. The activities were conducted in full compliance with the provisions for combating the COVID-19 epidemic.