Army engineers restore a stretch of mountain road in the municipality of Ormea

(To Army Majority State)

The 32nd engineer regiment of the brigade Taurinense has concluded in recent days the restoration operations of the mountain road that leads to the military range of Monte Castello di Quarzina in the municipality of Ormea.

The intervention, which lasted two weeks, involved the stretch of dirt road called "Balcony of Ormea" which connects the town of Aimoni to the small church of San Giovanni alla Colma and which also represents the access route to the range by military vehicles .​

Specifically, the operators of the earthmoving machinery of the 32nd Engineer Regiment, in addition to correcting the irregularities of the transit surface, restored the rainwater drainage channels along a 3 kilometer stretch, thus avoiding the dragging of debris onto the asphalt road which persists downstream for the benefit of the local population.

The works are part of a large redevelopment project for the training area which this year was made accessible after several years of disuse.​