The Alpine engineers of the 32nd sapper regiment intervened in the removal of debris in Piedmont

(To 32 rgt Genius Guastatori)

The first phase of work in favor of the Piedmontese municipalities heavily affected by the flood of early October has been completed in these days in Garessio and Ormea in the province of Cuneo and in Balocco, Casanova Elvo and Buronzo in the Vercelli area.

After some reconnaissance and technical studies, the soldiers of the 32nd Engineer Regiment have completed the first activities of removing debris and cleaning the river beds, made necessary after the first urgent interventions already carried out by local communities.

In the Cuneo area, the soldiers removed the wood accumulated in the riverbed of the Rio Bianco, a tributary of the Tanaro, thus being able to restore the correct flow of water and safeguarding the tightness of the banks and the riverbed itself. In the province of Vercelli, however, debris, trunks and branches were removed in the floodplain area of ​​the Cervo stream, in the sector between the railway bridge and that of the A4 motorway. These first interventions will be followed by similar extraordinary cleaning activities of watercourses in the provinces of Vercelli, Novara and Verbania.

The soldiers, adopting all the necessary precautions and the utmost attention also to government security protocols linked to Covid-19, operated in coordination with the local authorities and the activities were managed from an operations room at the headquarters of the 32nd Engineer Regiment. sappers in Fossano.

In recent years, the management system of complex emergency phases, which involves local authorities, the Civil Protection, the Fire Brigade and the Armed Forces, has seen an implementation of planning and coordination of operations, made even more effective by numerous joint and inter-agency exercises aimed at integrating the joint use of military and civil assets to be projected onto the ground following calamitous events.

Among these, the exercises "Vardirex" (Various Disaster Relief Management Exercise) and "Altius", conducted in different regions of Italy by the Alpine Army Troops, who deployed, in close synergy with the main actors in emergency management, specialist structures, means and technical materials capable of operating with precision and effectiveness in coordination and intervention in favor of the population.