The bersaglieri of the 2nd block 2019 receive the Fez

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the "Luigi Giannettino" barracks in Trapani, home of the 6th regiment sharpshooters, the ceremony for the delivery of the Fez to the Vfp1 of the 2nd block 2019 took place, newly assigned to the bersaglieri regiment who have completed the demanding theoretical-practical cycle of familiarization with the specialty, approaching with pride and passion the values ​​and traditions of the body of bersaglieri.

The training course was structured on specific formal training notions for the Bersaglieri in movements in closed order with fast pace (140 steps) and running (180 steps) to the rhythmic sound of the fanfare, reset lessons and individual weapon shooting, sessions of MCM (military combat method) and envy combat training, as well as familiarization with the VBM 8x8 platform Arrow. The day was marked by the exciting intervention of the chosen chief corporal bersagliere chief special qualification Giacomo Patti, awarded with the Army's Gold Medal of Valor, who told the newly assigned volunteers about his experience in the mission.

The graded commander of the rifle squad, classified in the "Ancient Babylon" Task Force in Iraq in 2004, responding with the on-board armament to the violent fire of the opposing militias, worked with courage and tenacity, exposing himself with his vehicle to allow the rest of the own unit to settle in defense. It also encouraged the subordinates, encouraging them by example to keep their positions for about 14 hours, until the end of the fighting, contributing significantly to the full success of the action without suffering any loss.

Following, the lieutenant in reserve Carlo Piazza, president of the National Bersaglieri Association section. of Trapani, held a conference on the history of the bersaglieri, on the love of the country and on the social purpose of the association. The guest, in remembering the founder of the specialty Alessandro Ferrero della Marmora, recalled his innovative and revolutionary ideas, compared to the post-Napoleonic battle patterns that are extremely valid and current today. Furthermore, he recalled the importance of the selection and training of the bersaglieri to be able to concentrate the maximum skill, daring and speed of action both when employed in small groups and in training.

At the end of the interventions, in the presence of the commander of the 6th regiment sharpshooters, Colonel Massimo Di Pietro and the non-commissioned officer of the Corps, the coveted delivery of the Fez, a typical headdress of crimson-colored specialties with cord and blue tassel called "Ricciolina" which draws its origins in Crimea (Battle of the Cernaia, 1855) ) where the Zouaves, chosen departments of the French expeditionary force, excited by the valor of the bersaglieri, donated their hats as a sign of admiration.