The Alpine troops of Taurinense train with heavy divisional weapons

(To Bgt "Taurinense")

The "Maira 2020" exercise, a training activity of the units of the "Taurinense" alpine brigade of the Italian Army, ended in the occasional shooting range of Col Maurin, conducted in order to keep the fire delivery and management capacity constantly high, thus making mountain troops always ready to carry out the primary tasks of the Armed Force, even in extreme climatic conditions.

The exercise, planned and conducted by the 2nd Alpine regiment of Cuneo in the maximum observance of the rules for the containment of Covid-19, also saw the participation of the 3rd Alpini of Pinerolo and the Nizza Cavalleria regiment (1st) of Bellinzago Novarese , with the support of assets of the 32 ° sapper engineers regiment of Fossano and the “Taurinense” logistic regiment of Rivoli.

In the two intense weeks spent at the 2.400 meters of altitude of Col Maurin, the exercise took place in particularly severe weather conditions, both for the rigid temperatures reached and for the snowfall that hit the most exposed slopes of the area. It is precisely in this type of environment that the Alpine troops enhance their specificity.

The Alpine troops trained in the use of 60, 81 and 120 mm mortars, the remote weapon systems supplied, simultaneously carrying out combined assaults of squads, platoons and minor complexes.

The activities in focus were conducted with the observation of the SAOV specialists (Surveillance and Acquisition of Visual Objectives) of the "Doi", also including the aircraft of the 34th Permanent Detachment Aves "Toro" of Venaria, who exercised the Alpine troops of the 2nd tactical helicopter regiment, implementing the rapid insertion capacity of the units in the intervention areas.

The exercise was also made possible thanks to the "Taurinense" logistics regiment, which created a service area in Acceglio (Cn), providing the units exercised with essential support in terms of supplies and maintenance, an activity made even more burdensome by the adverse weather conditions. While moving and fighting in cold temperatures is inherently difficult, ensuring adequate logistical support is essential in order to allow units to survive and maneuver effectively on the ground.

Maximum attention has been paid to the environment, making use of environmental consultants and reclamation centers, to respect one of the most beautiful areas of the Alps. For the Alpine Army troops, in fact, the care of the mountains is of primary importance, being the same home and gym for life Black Pens who thus learn the importance of humility and respect for the rules that nature imposes.

The training in the joint and integrated use of multiple assets of the units of the "Taurinense" has fully achieved the set objectives, testing the departments for full capacity in anticipation of the next operational commitments.