The Alpini at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo

(To Army Majority State)

The "Lavaredo 2019" international mountaineering exercise that brought soldiers from 700 nations and a NATO command coordinated by the Troops to the Veneto mountains 6 ended in the presence of the general of army corps Salvatore Farina. Army of the Army.

On the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, one of the most famous mountains in the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site, over 200 mountain climbers have climbed 14 routes from the most accessible to the hardest with a VIII degree of difficulty. The staff of the brigades are the protagonists Julia e Taurinense, the instructors of the Alpine Training Center and the athletes of the Army Olympic Sports Center. Together with them, Chilean, Omani, Spanish, Slovenian and French colleagues worked on the dolomitic ledges, soldiers of allied armies and of friendly countries who have been training for years in the mountains in the Alps, together with the Italian mountain troops, the most ancient, articulated and numerous in the western world.

General Farina expressed, at the end of the tactical act, words of pride for the professionalism seen during the exercise and addressing the military he shared with them some considerations on the importance of always having efficient, trained, flexible specialized and ready units, as are the Alpine Troops, ideal for responding to the challenges that today's international context requires.

The training event shared with the local administration and by the mayor of Auronzo, by the mayor of Dobbiaco, by the president of the regional council of Veneto, saw the participation of the president of the ANA Sebastiano Favero, of many former alpini and former commanders of units Alpine, took place in a known and appreciated landscape, in which the Alpine troops have worked with the utmost attention eliminating the anthropic impact on the natural context. In fact, a series of rules, precautions, indications and ways of working prepared by an environmental engineer of the selected reserve specifically employed for its specific expertise have been put in place. A series of almost natural attentions for those who, like "the Alpine", are accustomed by tradition or by training to work in the mountains.

And the mountain, not only for its splendor, was the protagonist of the training moment, in which the verticality of the dolomite walls were faced by the staff, of the 2 ° Alpini regiment in the tactical act that saw the use of numerous assets specialists from among other things, from the special forces and the aviation of the Army.

Putting into practice the doctrine of mountain warfare, with entries in Fast Rope and exfiltration with aircraft, the Alpine troops also brought a piece of history of the specialty to Cadore which today, with a new spirit, is finding a tactical location. The 105 / 14, an artillery piece in use from the 60 years until the beginning of the 2000 has been used in experimentation for use in particular tactical situations. "The mountain is in the DNA of the Alpine troops, today as yesterday its requirements and its rules dictate the training, so selective as to make the mountain soldiers of the 'squared military' - underlined General Berto, commander of the Alpine Troops, continuing - the training that the mountain allows is indispensable for the Alpine! ".