The volunteers of the 235th "Piceno" swear

(To Army Majority State)

This morning, in the Plaza d'Armi of the 235th volunteer training regiment "Piceno", 26 men and 24 women who attended the training course for volunteers on a fixed one-year basis (VFP1) took an oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic.

In the presence of the Flag of War of the regiment and in the presence of the commander of formation, specialization and doctrine of the Army, general of the army corps Salvatore Camporeale, the volunteers shouted "I swear!" and sang the hymn of Mameli.

The regimental commander, Colonel Igor Torti, in his speech to the jurists of the 4th block 2019 underlined: "The solemn commitment that you take on with pride today, not only with the community but above all with your conscience, requires a genuine and tenacious motivation, a full and constant self-denial, as well as a determined and conscious passion in what you are doing" .

"For us soldiers, the oath is something that is instilled in our hearts ... it is based on deep feelings of love for the homeland, a sense of duty, courage, moral rigor, altruism and respect for others" these are the words of the COMFORDOT commander.

The volunteers of the 5th echelon of the 4th Block 2019, will leave the "city of the Hundred Towers" next April 19 to reach the units of the Armed Force located throughout the national territory.