The officers of the 36th selected reserve course are sworn in

(To Army Majority State)

The swearing-in of the officers of the 36th course of the selected reserve took place in the Aula Magna of Palazzo Arsenale.

In front of the Institute Flag, twenty-six officers pronounced the formula of the individual oath to the Italian Republic and solemnly confirmed their commitment to serve the institutions of the State with discipline and honour.

Also present at the event were family, friends and the command line of jurors.

The commander of the training institute, general of division Mauro D'Ubaldi, during his speech expressed his proud appreciation for "the generosity with which professionals already widely established in their field decide to place themselves in a new and noble dimension of service to the country". "In you", he added, "the example of those who preceded us is perpetuated".

The 36th course includes 21 men and 5 women, professionals in the fields of law, graduates in medicine and surgery, civil engineering, information technology, strategic sciences, but also in architecture, telecommunications engineering, international relations, strategic studies and diplomatic sciences, public administration.

During their stay in Turin, the Officers followed a five-week training cycle which included theoretical studies and practical exercises. Among the teachings: military history, international humanitarian law, logistics, tactics, stabilization and reconstruction, international organizations: EU, NATO, UN, communication and public information, culture of protection, health and safety in the workplace, rules of procedure radiotelephony, military administration, health education, military ethics and leadership, physical education, weapons and shooting, tactical marching and mountain movement, combat training, CBRN defense, explosives and landmine surveying.

The aim of the course was to provide attendees with the knowledge necessary for their correct insertion into the Armed Force in anticipation of future employment in national and international operational contexts.