Oath of 36 officers in Turin


In the Aula Magna of Palazzo Arsenale, the historic seat of the Army Training Command and Application School, took place yesterday, the ceremony of Oath of allegiance to the Italian Republic of six officers of the 200th course "Duty" and thirty attendants of the 34th course for officers of the completion forces appointed in the Selected Reserve.

In front of the Flag of the Institute of the Army Application School, decorated with the Silver Medal for Military Valor, in the presence of the commander of the Training Body, Major General Salvatore Cuoci, the officers pronounced the formula of the individual Oath, solemnly confirming its commitment to serve the country with fidelity and honor.

General Cuoci, addressing the jurands, underlined: "The Oath is the most solemn commitment that a soldier can contract especially towards himself, it is an act that has its roots in time immemorial, yet, many centuries later, fidelity and loyalty have remained the cornerstones of that 'unparalleled heritage of values ​​that every soldier honors and safeguards ".

The second lieutenants of the 200th "Duty" course are officers of the normal role, coming from the Military Academy of Modena, who, at the Application School, will complete the training and university process on the premise of their employment at the Bodies and Departments of the Armed Force.

The basin of the Selected Reserve it is instead made up of professionals from civilian life, who, on the basis of age and acquired skills, are awarded the rank of officer (from second lieutenant to major). A five-week training cycle is envisaged for this category of personnel aimed at providing visitors with the necessary knowledge for their correct insertion into the Armed Force, in anticipation of future employment in national and international operational contexts.