Day of the Civilian Personnel of the Defense Administration

(To Army Majority State)

At the Salone delle Armi of Palazzo Arsenale, headquarters of the Command for Training and Application School of the Army, the Day of the Civilian Personnel of the Defense Administration was celebrated yesterday to reward civilian employees who have provided an "uninterrupted and effective service employed by the military administration ".

In full compliance with the current containment regulations for the health emergency from Covid-19, the following were present at the event: the commander of the Training Institute, division general Salvatore Cuoci, the respective commanders of the Corps, the head of the personnel section civil servant of the personnel office and the dean of the civil personnel of the Institute.

General Cuoci, in his introductory speech, underlined how the "older" staff should promote towards younger colleagues those values ​​of loyalty, dedication to work and a spirit of belonging that must be achieved through the contribution and daily commitment of each employee, an important resource in the structure of the Army Italian.

During the ceremony, a total of nine silver medals for 30 years of service and three bronze medals for 20, with relative diplomas, were awarded to civilian personnel.