Full Operational Capability for the 4 ° "Peschiera"


With the conclusion of an exercise started on 10 March at the training areas of Mantua and Sabaudia, the Full Operational Capacity (FOC) of the 4 ° artillery regiment anti-aircraft “Peschiera” was reached.

It is a fundamental step for the specialty and for the regiment since, with this important result, the phase of reconfiguration of the unit started with the disposal of the Hawk weapon system, in service since the 60 years, can be considered completed and completed with the full availability of the new SAMP / T units (Sol-Air Moyenne Portée Terrestre).

Today, the Italian Army with the missile assets of the 4 ° "Peschiera" regiment, trained and adequately trained, is able to ensure, as a priority, the anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense (against ballistic missiles launched within 600 km) of the formations national landlines and multinationals in operations outside the national territory.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces

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