At Fort Bragg the joint exercise between Italian operational communications specialists and American counterparts

(To Army Majority State)

It ended a few days ago in "Fort Bragg" (Fayetteville, North Carolina - USA), home of the 6th Psychological Operations Battalion (6th POB), the “Intrepid Knight '21” exercise, an important training activity of specialists for operational communications.

The exercise, carried out annually in alternation between Italy and the United States, was planned and implemented with the aim of testing new models and procedures of the units responsible for operational communications used in a Multi Domain Operation (Multi Domain Operation) conducted with assets of the US Special Forces.

In the proposed scenario, the reaction to hostile activities of "Malign Hybrid Warfare" was tested, characterized by various types of operations that are not always attributable to "official" forces but are often delegated to so-called "proxies", material organizers of cyber attacks, disinformation campaigns and other activities aimed at influencing public perception.

The Intrepid Knight '21 was divided into two phases. In the first, dedicated to the planning and development of tactical level activities between Italian and American "Tactical Psyops Teams" (TPTs), the specialists of the "dissemination" company of the 28th "Pavia" have launched into the exercise area and have conducted fire activities with vehicles and materials supplied to the US Army. In the second phase, the trainers, included in an "Information Warfare Task Force" (IWTF), coordinated and conducted the analysis, integration and communication activities typical of the specialty they belong to, operating from within an advanced operational base ("Forward Operational Base ”- FOB) set up and equipped in adherence to the exercise support.