The first Centauro 2 bus instructors trained

(To Army Majority State)

The 1st course "Instructor for Blindo Centauro 2 Operator", held by technical staff of the Iveco Oto Melara Consortium, in favor of the staff of the teaching departments and of the training squadrons of the Institute.

The new combat platform, currently supplied to the Cavalry School, is part of the replacement program of the "Centauro" armored bus in service since 1992, to equip the regiments with Line cavalry an effective, modern and versatile combat vehicle; it is equipped with a 120 mm muzzle, digitized command and control systems and high ballistic, mine and anti Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

In this modernization perspective, the Institute, a training and specialization center for Army personnel assigned to the Cavalry, in collaboration with the technicians and engineers of the Iveco-Leonardo consortium, has launched a course to qualify the first 10 Instructors; the same will form the backbone of the Armed Force for the requalification of all the personnel of the regiments of Line cavalry, who are receiving the new combat platform.

The course was divided into theoretical lessons and practical activities. In particular, the theoretical lessons, divided into three study phases, called "Hull", "Turret" and "TLC", respectively had the objective of enabling instructors to drive, to use the main armament (Hitfact tower - 2), of the system of Command Control and Navigation System (SICCONA) and telecommunications subsystems.

The training process of the instructor staff ended with a fire exercise in which it was possible to appreciate the valuable characteristics of the weapon system and the excellent level of preparation achieved by the qualified personnel.