Branca's 76 assistants were trained at the NCO School

(To Army Majority State)

It ended yesterday morning, at the Officers' School of the Army, the 12th branch course, aimed at enabling the personnel of the marshal role to operate as "Branch Specialist" at the commands from the brigade level to the top of the armed force or the joint and multinational commands.

The 76 attendees were the protagonists of an advanced training project, necessary to make the use of non-commissioned officers more and more consistent with the operational needs of the Armed Force and to standardize their technical-professional preparation, adapting it to the structural, doctrinal and procedural evolutions in force.

The course, which began on February 28th, was divided into three common phases: the first of self-training through the Armed Force Multimedia Portal (PMFA), followed by the language module, by the Foreign Languages ​​School, and a basic module, carried out in the presence at the Officers' School of the Army. The marshals were then divided by branch of assignment, to deepen technical aspects of the sector and learn how to use the operational tools of specific interest.

The conclusion of the 12th course in Branca was sealed by the traditional ceremony of the Gagliardetto and by the delivery of the certificates of passing the course to the attendees. In this circumstance, the non-commissioned officers wanted to remember their colleague, Marshal Fabio Licitri, who died prematurely, placing a commemorative plaque on the stele of the fallen non-commissioned officers of the new process.

The commander of the Officers' School, Major General Alberto Vezzoli, urged the marshals saying: “An important moment ends! You have the experience of the ward behind you, looking back you will see all the good things you have done; now look to the future, focus on the motivation that pushed you years ago to undertake this choice of life, commit yourself and think about how much you can still give for the institution, which is in great need of you ".