Lightning in training

(To Army Majority State)

Concluded from the 183rd paratroopers regiment "Nembo" la Steel Forge 1 ^ / 20, a training week inside the Carpegna (PU) shooting range that saw over 120 paratroopers engaged in fire drills.

The purpose of the training, conducted in day and night hours, was to verify and increase individual skills and coordinate the teams through training characterized by dynamism. During the blank and fire activities, the tactical procedures on board the vehicles were tested and on foot, with the use of individual and departmental weapons.

The use of modular training platforms such as the Pro-Target Range, a system that allows to manage in a centralized and interactive way the mobile and reactive targets of the Pro-P.Up type, has given a remarkable training realism. The real-time information on the shots, guaranteed by the platforms, allow a significant reduction in the consumption of ammunition, as well as the wear of the barrels of precision weapons, a rapid achievement of the training objectives and a better use of the polygons and dedicated areas. The increasingly intensive use of this type of platform allows the operational readiness of the Army units to be kept high.

During the week, the commander of the "Vittorio Veneto" division, general of division Angelo Michele Ristuccia, met the paratroopers in the training area, congratulating him on the high level of operation achieved.