Modena Fair: the Army at SKIPASS 2019

(To CME "Emilia Romagna")

The mountain not only as a natural environment but also as an operational dimension of a daily work carried out by the Italian Army soldiers, an expression of excellence that the whole world envies us and natural guardians of our Republic's founding values.

This is, in summary, the theme chosen by the Italian Army for its participation in the 26 ° edition of SKIPASS, the event organized by 31 October at the 3 November 2019 by ModenaFiere, a reference point for all lovers of the white mountain and outdoor.

It will be an important moment of institutional communication, which will allow the many visitors to the event to meet our soldiers and try their hand at what constitutes the typical training for mountain troops: climbing.

The Armed Force has in fact set up in its exhibition area, in pavilion A, an artificial rock gym where the public can try their hand at vertical progressions under the direct control of military instructors from the 4 ° Paratroopers Alpine Regiment, who will exhibit materials for the occasion and equipment supplied.

At the INFOTEAM of the Army Military Command "Emilia Romagna" it will also be possible to receive information on the educational offer of the Armed Forces training institutes such as the Military Academy of Modena, the NCO School of Viterbo, the Nunziatella Military School based in Naples and the Theulie Military School, based in Milan, and on employment opportunities as a volunteer in a fixed position (VFP1 and VFP4).