Army: a helicopter of the 5th Rigel recovers 4 hikers left isolated

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the first aid plane of the 5th AVES "Rigel" regiment, helicopter department belonging to the "Friuli" aircraft brigade, has been alerted to help recover 4 hikers left isolated on the crest of the Cimon del Cavallo, locality mountain near the ski area of ​​Piancavallo (PN).

The intervention of the "Rigel" crew, aboard a UH90 helicopter equipped with night vision systems and rescue winch, was decisive for the success of the rescue operations allowing the operators of the National Alpine Rescue Corps of Friuli Venezia Giulia to descend on the crest of the mountain and recover the hikers in difficulty, fortunately not in very serious conditions, they were transported first to the nearby base camp and then to the hospital for the necessary treatments and investigations.

The operations ended shortly after midnight with the return of the UH90 helicopter crew to Casarsa della Delizia.

The synergy between the Army and Alpine Rescue, sanctioned by specific collaboration agreements for the purpose of conducting joint search and rescue operations in the mountain area, is one of the employment and training objectives of the "Friuli" Air Brigade and is part of in the National Air Emergency Response Plan in which the 5th "Rigel" Army Aviation Regiment participates, providing the availability of helicopters always ready to intervene (H24 and 7 days a week) in the event of an emergency in favor of the civilian population.