Army: a year of interventions in Italy and abroad


Over 7.600 Army soldiers have spent the Christmas holidays in operations abroad or on national territory. The Army abroad operated, even during the Christmas period, with 3.600 soldiers in 21 missions in 20 areas of strategic interest of the nation such as Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Somalia, Libya and Mali.

During the same period, around 4.000 men and women guaranteed security on the national territory in the main Italian cities, from Chiomonte to Lampedusa, with the operation "Safe Roads" or in competition with the police in the surveillance of sensitive targets, centers for immigrants and in patrolling metropolitan areas. In the year just passed, the operation "Safe Roads" has achieved important results including 855 arrests, 614 stops and 1.091 complaints. Since the start of the operation (August 2008), 14 thousand arrests have been carried out, controlled almost 2 million people and 1 million between cars and motorcycles, seized 8000 vehicles, 600 weapons and 2.100 pounds of drugs.

In particular, mention must be made of the commitment on the island of Lampedusa, where the Army, along with the 70 units already present in the 2008, assisted some soldiers who by origin and knowledge of Arabic and African languages ​​perform the functions of cultural mediators with the migrants welcomed to the island. Also in the 2013 there was no lack of interventions by the Army units in cases of public calamity and public utility. Thanks to the training and the "dual-use" capacity of the FA, the Army intervened, in support of the population in Sardinia since the first hours of the bad weather emergency that particularly affected the city of Olbia, in the night between 18 and the 19 last November. In the Sardinian city 76 men and 37 were employed special tools of the genius who traveled 11.584 kilometers, moved beyond 4300 cubic meters bulky waste and debris, distributed "door to door" 5.822 quintals of humanitarian aid. the Army has continued its work of public utility and environmental protection by guaranteeing the remediation of war surpluses with well 2141 specialized interventions and the removal of 8497 various types of bombs. The picture of FA activities also includes 2631 interventions to protect human life by rescuers on the slopes both in the Alpine arc and in the central Apennines or the action of veterinary surgeons and nursing personnel employed in some herds of 'Emilia Romagna, in support of local veterinary services, to contain the risks of spreading the avian virus.

Source: EI