Army: technological and innovation engine

(To Army Majority State)

Today, at the Auditorium "Andreatta" of the Centro Alti Studi per Difesa, the workshop "Army: Technological and Innovation Engine -", a technical and informative event promoted by the Army General Staff, to intensify the comparison between the institutions and the industries of the Defense sector, useful for the process of technological transformation that will increasingly involve the national production system.

The event, unique in the innovation sector of the Defense sector, provided interesting insights on transformation and technology. In particular it was an opportunity to reaffirm to the industry the need to invest in an innovative experimentation process, focused on new technologies, able to encourage and promote interaction between research centers, universities and defense.
In this context, the Army, taking advantage of new collaboration agreements, agreements and making use of the intellectual and knowledge contribution of the main project and prototype developers, will be able to create a network of professional relationships that are maintained over time and based on trust mutual.

The technologies of the Robotic and Aunonomous Systems have been analyzed in detail, in operational areas in which the smaller military units are employed, to the premise of a possible capacitive development of these technologies.

Among the speakers, sector professionals coming from international experiences in the field of defense production, experts in geostrategic studies and top management of the Defense, including the Hon. Guido Crosetto (AIAD - Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security), dr. Livio Romano (Confindustria Study Center), prof. Annalisa Bonfiglio and dr. Gianluigi Sechi (Center for Research, Development and Higher Studies in Sardinia), prof. Antonio Bicchi (president of IRIM 3D Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines), Prof. Emanuele Menegatti (University of Padua, DEI), Prof. Dario Albani (National Research Council) and Ing. Giacomo Giannini (Director of JABER Innovation) moderated by dr. Francesco Milan of Kings College of London.

The army corps general Salvatore Farina, Chief of Staff of the Army, expressed great satisfaction for the success of the event, both for the large presence in the working tables of institutional, productive and academic realities, and for the important results debated during the workshop. He also highlighted that: "Technological development and innovation of the Armed Forces systems are essential aspects to always have an Army ready and prepared to respond to the challenges of the present and the future" e "How crucial it is to have a prospective vision that is even faster than the same technology available and that leads us to define, well in advance and clearly, both the medium / long-term objectives and the benchmarks that must mark the evolutionary path of the "Army in synergy with the academic world and production system".

At the end of the work, the undersecretary of defense Giulio Calvisi pointed out how "we live in an age in which the uncertainties are more numerous than the certainties and the pace of change is such as not to allow us distractions or delays. The functions of defense are assured also and above all, through technological innovation. I am sure that we will all know to improve the already close and fruitful collaboration that sees defense, industry and the academic and research world together We cannot depend on or delegate our defense and industrial policy to other countries.
The availability of a modern and efficient industrial and technological base therefore constitutes an essential requirement for the country's military security. If experimentation in the laboratory is followed by training, polygon, and finally, subsequent application in operational theaters, one can have the reasonable certainty of a safe and efficient technology also for civil uses "