Army: military at work to reopen Bastille kindergarten


The Army soldiers, present since the first hours of the emergency in the municipalities hit by the flooding of the Secchia river, intervened this morning in the municipality of Bastiglia to free the "S. Maria Assunta" kindergarten and the Oratorio "Giovanni XXIII".

The aim of the intervention is to restore, as soon as possible, the conditions suitable for the resumption of lessons and recreational activities.

Starting from Sunday afternoon, the military over 160 present in the municipalities hit with 10 dinghies and special equipment of the genius, are providing for the consolidation of the embankments, the evacuation of personnel stuck in their homes invaded by water, to transport of food, medicines and basic necessities. The Army, in order to help the population, has also provided 250 brande, sheets and blankets, moreover about displaced 40 are hosted, from Monday inside the Pisacane Barracks, one of the headquarters of the Military Academy.

Source: General Office of the Army Chief of Staff - Public Information and Communication Office - Sz. PI