Army, oath 35th course selected reserve officers

(To Army Majority State)

It took place in the evocative setting of the Aula Magna of Palazzo Arsenale, the historic headquarters of the command for the training and application school of the Army, the oath of the officers of the 35th course of the selected reserve.

In front of the Institute Flag, decorated with the Silver Medal for Military Valor, the commander of the Training Body, Major General Mauro D'Ubaldi, forty-eight officers pronounced the formula of the individual oath to the Italian Republic and solemnly confirmed their own commitment to serve state institutions with discipline and honor.

The gen. D'Ubaldi, during his speech underlined the centrality of the oath in the life of each soldier who must always act with honesty and loyalty. "Faithfully observing the Constitution and the laws of the State, that is the basic structure of our democracy, as well as the identity of our Nation, implies the responsibility of contributing to the realization of the common good through behavior in line with the values ​​that distinguish the soldier and the citizen. Your choice, that of professionals already established in the civil field, to donate part of your recognized ability to the country and the national community, constitutes an important example of generosity and dedication ".

The 35th course includes 37 men and 11 women, professionals in the fields of law, literature, foreign languages ​​and literature, political science, graduates in medicine and surgery, civil engineering, construction, electronics, management and information technology, but also in journalism, architecture, international and diplomatic sciences, international relations, psychology, historical sciences, contemporary history, interreligious studies.

During their stay in Turin, the officers followed a five-week training cycle which included theoretical studies and practical exercises. Among the lessons: military history, international humanitarian law, logistics, tactics, stabilization and reconstruction, international organizations: EU, NATO, UN, communication and public information, culture of protection, health and safety in the workplace, rules of procedure radiotelephony, military administration, health education, military ethics and leadership, physical education, weapons and shooting, tactical gear and mountain movement, combat training, CBRN defense, explosives and mines topography.

The aim of the course was to provide attendees with the knowledge necessary for their correct insertion into the Armed Force in anticipation of future employment in national and international operational contexts.