Army: 705 volunteers arrive at the training regiments

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the four training regiments, the 235th of Ascoli, the 17th of Capua, the 80th of Cassino and the 85th of Montorio Veronese, 705 young people for the frequency of the basic course for volunteers in firm prefixed of one year (VFP1).

The influx procedures were spread over several days, in order to ensure correct interpersonal distancing and compliance with the health protocols issued in the field of contrasting and containing the COVID-19 epidemic.

The training course, lasting six weeks, aims to provide the students with the basic preparation necessary for the performance of the tasks that will be subsequently assigned to them and to operate easily within the team / team.

The young soldiers at the end of the course will be assigned to the various Army units, located throughout the national territory, ready to operate in the various areas in which the Army will be called to intervene.