Army: two soldiers save the life of a diver

(To Army Majority State)

In the early afternoon of last September 12, in Sistiana, near Trieste, two Army graduates saved a diver from drowning.

The chief corporal chosen Tommaso Triolo and the corporal selected major Francesco Pisicchio, UH-90 helicopter technicians under the 5th AVES "RIGEL" regiment, unit belonging to the "Friuli" aircraft brigade, while they were at the Sistiana diving center , they noticed, about 50 meters from the coast, an unconscious man in the water.

Immediately perceiving the dangerous situation, the military managed, by swimming, to bring the apparently lifeless body back to the shore where, by alternatively applying some first aid procedures and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (BLSD-D), they maintained the vital functions of the unfortunate until the arrival of the 118 health workers.

The rescued man, who probably fell ill during the dive, was transported to the hospital in Trieste where he is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

The BLS-D formation (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation, Basic Support of Vital Functions and Defibrillation) allows the soldiers of the Italian Army to be always ready to intervene in an adequate and timely manner in all those cases in which a person is presumed to have been affected by disorders capable of leading to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest.