Exercises in Kosovo


In the last few days, at the Italian base "Villaggio Italia" in Pec (Kosovo), an intense training phase has been concluded which saw the national contingent, made up of a squadron of the "Lancieri di Montebello" regiment, operate in close contact with colleagues of various nationalities, including Austrians, Slovenes, Hungarians, Moldovans and Americans, who are part of the Multinational Battle Group West, currently an Italian leader.

The units practiced on crowd control techniques, simulated by the same military personnel, facing various critical situations: from aggressions and "street" disorders to the launching of "Molotov" incendiary objects and bottles, which the soldiers learned to contain and prevent damage using various techniques.

A complex scenario of evacuation of injured personnel was also simulated, extracted from the area of ​​hypothetical clashes through medical staff on helicopters.

The activity was successfully completed, allowing our military to achieve the so-called "Full Operational Capability", ie the full operational capacity in different hypotheses of use.

Source: Italian contingent in Kosovo

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