Practices in a contaminated environment

(To Army Majority State)

The annual evaluation tests on the subject ended in recent days Biological Radiological and Nuclear Chemistry (CBRN) to which the Army units are subjected and which involved the operators and personnel of all the regiments of the Sassari brigade.

The various exercises made it possible to verify the capabilities, individual and departmental, expressed by the units in the CBRN defense sector, including operational remediation, warning and reporting and command and control.

During the self-assessment activity, the personnel involved were able to refine the technical-tactical and command and control procedures to be adopted in the presence of CBRN emergencies, in full compliance with the real operational scenarios in which the various units of the brigade could find themselves operating . For this reason, in the training areas of the Regiments, training situations were created that were as close as possible to concrete cases to be faced in emergency situations.

The activity was conducted in full compliance with the provisions for combating the COVID-19 epidemic.