Warfighting exercise for the 9th Alpine regiment, flanked by the Army knights and sappers

(To Army Majority State)

The multi-weapon exercise "Scorpio 6/21" ended, during which the 9th Alpini's assets, flanked by elements of the regiment Nice Cavalry (1st) and the 32nd sapper engineering regiment, trained for two weeks in a complex scenario warfighting, characterized by the high level of realism provided by the Tactical Training Center (CAT) of Monte Romano.

Provided the CAT with the objectives to be achieved, the Alpine troops of the "Taurinense" (called BLUEFOR) confronted themselves with the scenario prepared by the Center to make the exercise as close as possible to the needs of the unit being trained, with the risks and threats that it can be found in any real use areas.

To make the exercise even more realistic and effective, blank ammunition was used together with the Integrated Earth Training System (SIAT) Live, whose sensors predisposed on the individual equipment, on the vehicles and on the weapon systems have allowed both the Alpine troops in the field and theExercise Control (EXCON) to verify in real time the success - or failure - of the actions taken.

The OPFORs, made up of soldiers from other departments of the Armed Force, contrasted with the assets of the “L'Aquila” battalion of the 9th Alpini, with the specific task of countering the BLUFOR in carrying out the assigned mission. This confrontation "with opposing parties" made the exercise particularly effective, stimulating in the Alpine troops and in the commanders of all levels the skills of analyzing the situation, identifying vulnerabilities and exercising them in the correct use of technical-tactical procedures. Thanks to their "answers" it was possible to verify the level of training achieved, thus defining the procedural aspects to be maintained, improved or acquired.

The men and women of the Taurinense they were able to effectively use the concept of “combined arms”, an objective necessity to achieve the assigned objectives by implementing the basic weapon complexes with assets of the various specialties capable of being decisive in the specific operating environment.