"Varco 22" exercise for the 3rd sapper engineer regiment

(To Army Majority State)

It ended, at the training areas of Cellina Meduna (Pordenone) and Cormor (Udine), in the presence of the commander of the Northern Operational Forces, army corps general Salvatore Camporeale and the commander of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade , Brigadier General Massimiliano Stecca, the exercise "Varco 22" conducted by the 3rd engineer sappers regiment.

Assets from the "Genova Cavalleria" (4th) regiment, the "Serenissima" lagoon regiment, the horse artillery and of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" logistic regiment.

During the exercise, specific activities of the sappers specialty were carried out, characterized by a high level of inter-service integration between the various components of the brigade: opening of gates in the enemy's defensive works, operations Combined Arms Route Clearance Operation (CARCO) for the restoration of itineraries blocked by both active and passive obstacles, land demining operations and the creation of tactical itineraries.

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