Practice for selected shooters

(To Army Majority State)

Improvement of long-distance shooting and self-evaluation of the shooters chosen through the use of different weapons supplied with day and night fire lessons.

This is the purpose of the exercise which saw the teams of selected shooters engaged for two days in the Torre Veneri (Le) range. The exercise, conceived by the "Acqui" division and developed by the "Pinerolo" brigade, was attended by 7 nuclei of selected shooters from the dependent departments of the Great Unity, who used the supplied weapons, such as the Sako TRG42 sniper rifle and the ARX-200 sniper rifle, practicing to hit targets from a distance of more than 1000 meters.

During the exercise, shooters' cores have also perfected the techniques of hidden approach movement, observation of a day and night operating scenario, the study of topographic maps and masking techniques. The selected shooters of the Italian Army are specialist units trained on disciplines ranging from combat training to lessons on weapons to equipment, from topography to ballistics, from occult movement on the ground to masking and physical endurance.

With this training activity, the selected shooters of the "Pinerolo" brigade have consolidated the ability to use and use the weapons supplied and long distance shooting skills.