Scorpion Legacy 2019 tutorial

(To Army Majority State)

The heavy component of the “Nizza Cavalleria” (1 °) regiment of Bellinzago Novarese (NO), on an armored “Centauro” platform, ended on Wednesday the important international exercise called "Scorpion Legacy 2019", at the training ground of the Land Forces Combat Training Center "Getica" of Cincu in Romania.

The training started on the 28 October with a command post exercise that engaged the commander of the 1 Squadron Group and some officers of the "Nice" Command Staff. The training activity had as a final focus a focus activity on the days of 6 and November 7, in which two platoons of the Heavy Blind Squadron employing ten Blindo "Centaur".

Overall, the activity has seen more than sixty Italian Army soldiers confront and train with international personnel, using a typically "combat" scenario on open and flat terrain. In this context, the operational situation provided for the response to a conventional attack, initially implementing defensive tactical activities and, subsequently, developing counter-offensive activities together with the 20 Infantry Battalion of the Romanian Armed Forces, to an Army company Portuguese and one Polish. In particular, the "Nice" was assigned the task of establishing the unit to cover shunting forces, carrying out the security screen of the Brigade front and, subsequently, reaching the collection area as a premise of the counterattack phase.

During the preparatory phases, the men and women of the Department also had the opportunity to train, in opposing parties, to perform various tactical tasks, using the "Miles" simulation systems.

The exercise "Scorpion Legacy 2019", conducted by the staff of the Alpine Troops framed in the Alpine "Taurinense" brigade, allowed the staff of Colonel Matteo Rizzitelli, commander of "Nizza", to conduct differentiated tactical activities in white and in focus in a context Joint and Combined.