"Safe Haven 2" tutorial

(To Army Majority State)

On Friday, at the Capo Teulada shooting range, the "Safe Haven 2", a multi-weapon exercise conducted by the 5th engineer regiment and the logistic regiment, units belonging to the "Sassari" brigade, aimed at preparing the personnel of the two units. designated for the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) of the NATO Response Force (NRF).

On the basis of the international agreements existing within NATO, Italy, in fact, undertakes annually to make available to the Atlantic Alliance military forces with a high level of readiness, for which a very high training, operational and logistical standard must be maintained. In this context, the departments carried out training activities in white and on fire, with individual and departmental weapons and, in the case of the 5th engineer regiment, through the use of explosive material.

During the final exercise, focused on the multi-weapon integration of different components of the departments of the "Sassari" brigade, the ability of the genius weapon to intervene in activities such as, for example, the reconnaissance of itineraries and the expeditious reclamation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), as well as the response capacity of the "Sassari" logistics regiment which, thanks to the deployment of a command post, simulated recovery and evacuation of armored vehicles involved in the explosion of an IED and carried out the logistic activities related to the maintenance, transport and supplies of the units present in the polygon.

Determinant, in the role of Quick Reaction Force (rapid reaction forces in support, on request, of the forces deployed on the field), the use of units belonging to the 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment and medical support ensured for the entire duration of the exercise by a HH-412 helicopter of the 21st permanent detachment "Orsa Maggiore" of the 2nd "Sirio" regiment of the Army Aviation.

All the activities, organized and conducted in full respect of the environment and of the measures for the prevention of contagion from Covid-19, have made it possible to train the commanders of minor units in the management of multi-weapon assets in the context of planning, preparation and conduct of real missions, to perfect training on the procedures for using the armament supplied to the departments and to achieve specific combat and logistic capabilities, typical of the assets exercised.