Multi-weapon exercise in warfighting scenario to increase the ability to operate in a mountain environment

(To Army Majority State)

A few days ago, at the military polygon of Pian dell'Alpe in Val Chisone, with a multi-weapon exercise, an intense training cycle in a scenario warfighting in a mountain environment.

The training activity was structured by providing a doctrinal and conceptual module, conducted in collaboration with the tactical competence center of COMFORDOT which developed a home course based on the planning process for minor units, aimed at increasing the planning capacity of platoon leaders.

The subsequent "live" training module saw the Alpine Army Troops conduct an exercise in the field of offensive tactical operations, aimed at improving combat capabilities in the mountains, also with the support of the helicopters of the 34th permanent detachment " Toro "of Venaria Reale (TO), dependent on the 4th Army Aviation Regiment" Altair "of Bolzano, in the search for an ever greater integration and development of joint procedures, in order to implement the concept of" combined arms ", fundamental in the mountain warfare. In this context, in an exercise area previously secured even with the use of the 3rd Alpine snipers, the rescue team of the helicopter-borne regiment conducted the stabilization and extraction of a simulated casualty.

The exercise saw, among other things, the presence of anti-terrorism core of the State Police for Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, interested in the framework of normal collaborations with the law enforcement agencies competent for the territory.

The exercise event took place in full compliance with the health regulations in force, adopting all the measures envisaged for the containment of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The activity thus tested the ability to plan and conduct kinetic actions in a mountain warfare scenario. A significant training opportunity that allowed the Alpine troops of the 3rd Regiment to increase their aeromobility, rescue and sniping skills in a complex and non-permissive environment such as the mountain one.

It is in fact precisely through the knowledge of the mountain, an environment in which the Alpine Army Troops traditionally operate, that the soldiers of the "Susa" are able to maintain a constant and updated ability to operate in favor of the community even in difficult environments and in extreme conditions. .