Livex tutorial for selected shooters

(To Army Majority State)

The 3 Alpini regiment from the 21 to the 25 October organized and conducted the international and joint drill for selected shooters called "LOW BLOW".

In a challenging mountain environment both for the altitude and for the adverse weather conditions, the selected shooters of the Army from eleven regiments of the brigades Taurinense, Julia, Sassari e Pinerolo, along with elements of the Carabinieri Corps, worked together with representatives of the Belgian armies, the German and American army.

The exercise, conducted in the Pinerolo area, allowed a profitable exchange of technical and tactical knowledge concerning day and night precision shooting at long distances in addition to the operational shooting for the near defense of the sniper cores. Furthermore, under the guidance of qualified personnel of the 3 ° Alpini regiment, lectures were conducted on mountaineering movement techniques both in natural environment and in artificial structures, in order to increase the mobility of selected shooters in an urbanized and mountainous environment.

The activity allowed the experimentation of some new types of targets which, in addition to ensuring a high level of realism and simplification of logistics, made it possible to minimize the environmental impact of the activity. The progressive difficulty and complexity of the exercises, as well as the continuous changing of the proposed scenarios, have guaranteed a high level training, particularly appreciated by national and foreign participants.