Arctic Hare Exercise 2019

(To Army Majority State)

Challenging week for select Army shooters in training at the Monte Bivera alpine range in a setting of rare beauty in the heart of the Carnic dolomites.
In fact, the fire drill for "Lepre Artica 2019" shooters has just ended, which saw about 100 soldiers try their hand at a training scenario similar to the one they will face in Operational Theater.

Exceptional participation in the training event that involved, in addition to selected shooters of the 8 ° regiment Alpini, who planned and directed the activity, and the nuclei of the Alpine brigade Julia, also the qualified personnel of the Alpine brigade Taurinense, of the paratroopers brigade thunderbolt, of the mechanized brigade Sassari, of the "Serenissima" lagoon regiment, as well as rotary-wing structures of the 5 ° AVES Rigel Regiment. Also present were observers from the Cesano Infantry School.

The activity has allowed to refine the training, share and experiment the most advanced shooting techniques in a mountain environment, compartmentalized, covered with snow and characterized by extreme environmental conditions.

The exercise, conducted with extreme realism, made it possible to combine the classic training of the alpine departments with the deepening of the knowledge of the most up-to-date techniques of use and of the weapon systems for precision engagement, also testing the training level of the personnel in the treatment of injuries, in radio communication procedures, in the activity of reconnaissance and acquisition of objectives and, not least in terms of importance, Helysniping, this activity carried out for the first time by units not belonging to the Special Forces sector. It is in fact now essential to make the best use of the modern tools made available by the technology, so that the departments can operate in Operating Theater, minimizing risks and maximizing results.

At the end of the activity, the commander of the Julia, Brigadier General Alberto Vezzoli, congratulated the shooters for the excellent results achieved and for the high training standard reached by the participating departments.