International exercise for the Military Observation and Reporting Network of CBRN events

(To Army Majority State)

The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Area Control Center (CBRN ACC) of the NBC Defense School of Rieti, took part in the NATO exercise "Information Exchange Event 2020" in recent days.

The important international activity, directed for the current year by the Hungarian CBRN ACC, was aimed at verifying the ability to exchange information relating to accidents involving the spread of chemical, biological and radiological substances, on a transnational scale.

The objective of the "Information Exchange 2020" was to verify the capacities of the National Centers to process the areas of potential contamination, as well as to test the timing of information exchange between nations (Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary) , elements - these - of fundamental importance to ensure swift and appropriate protection of the population and operators of the NATO Armed Forces in Europe.

During the exercise, in which the national CBRN ACC took part, lo Zone Control Center . Land Operational Forces Command e Army Operational Command (COMFOTER COE), i Collection Center . Northern Operation Force Command, That of the Southern Operative Forces Command, the Alpine Troops Command, the Command in Head of the Naval Squadron and Aerospace Operations Command, As well as the Sub Collection Center of the 7th CBRN defense regiment, incidents were simulated throughout the European territory, with particular reference to those with cross-border effects.

The "CBRN Area Control Center" (ACC) is responsible, as national top body, for the management of information and reporting of CBRN events that could occur on national territory / waters / airspace, or in neighboring countries with possible repercussions on the Italian territory.