Aries mortar shooting exercise

(To Army Majority State)

In the training area of ​​Carpegna, units of the 11th Bersaglieri Regiment of Orcenico Superiore (PN) carried out a mortar shooting exercise, which marks the conclusion of the training course started last month at the Cesano di Roma Infantry School.

The personnel with the “mortar” assignment and the non-commissioned officers “fire observers” participated in the qualification course for the use of the medium 81 mm mortar, a curved firing weapon supplied to the fusilier companies of the infantry regiments of the Italian Army.

Personnel already qualified to use the heavy mortar also took part in the activity Thomson-Brandt 120 mm of the company supporting the maneuver of the regiment, which was thus able to complete its preparation on this type of armament. In particular, the procedures for use, the organization and effectiveness of the fire and the ability to calculate firing data were verified.

All training activities were carried out in full compliance with the prevention and protection measures imposed by the current epidemiological emergency.