"Brilliant Rust" tutorial

(To Army Majority State)

The exercise called "Brilliant Rust", which involved over 200 men and women of the "Garibaldi" brigade for the entire month of June, ended in recent days with a continuous activity at the military district of Persano.

The activity, developed as part of aexercise for command posts (EPC), made it possible to perfect the technical-tactical procedures of a brigade command post and to verify the combat and command and control capabilities in a hybrid war scenario, characterized at the same time by asymmetric and conventional threat.

Il command post exercised the ability to develop operations planning, evaluation and conduct, including command redeployment capability.
This activity, the first of its kind, was carried out on the ground, with the enucleation of a advanced command post (Forward) characterized by the use of tracked vehicles, with the ability to replace the main command post in command and control of operations (step-up) and elaborate a further tactical command post (Tactical).

The exercise involved simultaneously the main command post (Main) waited that, once the Forward, was deployed by simulating movement (jump) on the battlefield.

The exercise was carried out mainly using the vehicle for command posts VCC M577, a vehicle supplied to the large unit and which enhances its dynamism, verifying its survival skills, implementing the conduct of operations through the constant reception of activations (injections) and subsequent management of events on the battlefield, allowing continuity of command and control of the brigade commander.

At the end of the exercise, the commander of the bersaglieri brigade Garibaldi, gen. b. Massimiliano Quarto, in the presence of the commander of the South Operating Forces, gen. ca Giuseppenicola Tota, expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved during the exercise, underlining that, thanks to careful planning that involved all the specialists of the brigade command, it was possible to use for the first time on the ground, to an activity always and only theoretically hypothesized, the means and materials available within the Great Unit, managing to concretize the movements of the command posts in the simulation of the activities war.

Furthermore, again as part of the activities carried out by the brigade departments during the exercise, the "Cavalleggeri Guide" regiment (19 °), with the aim of preparing the personnel for the operations enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) e enhanced Vigilance Activity (eVA), has developed exercises to support the continuing activity for the employment of the command post operation (Tactical), using assets on VCC Dardo supplied by the 8th Bersaglieri Regiment.