Bentu Estu 2019 exercise in Sardinia

(To Army Majority State)

Saturday the experimental-demonstrative exercise called "Bentu Estu 2019" ended in the presence of the undersecretary of state for defense dott. Giulio Calvisi, of the prefect of Cagliari Dr. Bruno Corda, of the commander of the Terrestrial Operative Forces and the Army Operating Command, general of the corps Federico Bonato, of the commander of the SUD Operative Forces, general of corps Rosario Castellano, of the military commander of the Army in Sardinia, Brigadier General Francesco Olla and the heads of the Regional Civil Protection and regional and local authorities.

The "Bentu Estu 2019" is a demonstration exercise that finds its raison d'être in the wake of the Protocols of Understanding signed between the Minister of Defense and the President of the Council of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia in the years 2017 and 2019 which provide for , among other things, the development of study programs, research and experimentation of possible activities of common interest between the Ministry of Defense and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, such as a Civil Protection school of planned establishment on the Island.

The exercise was conducted by the 26 at the November 28 by the Military Army Command of Sardinia (CME) and by the Prefecture of Cagliari, in coordination with the "Sassari" brigade, with the company Vitrociset, a company of the Leonardo group, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia , the Center for Research, Development and Higher Studies in Sardinia (CRS4), together with operational structures included in the organization of regional Civil Protection and local Public Security Forces using the technologies made available at the Tactical Training Center (CAT) of 1 Level of Capo Teulada.
During the three days of exercise complex emergency situations were simulated aimed at getting to know and promoting in the civil field, the flexibility and the capabilities of the CAT with specific reference to the Plan against Forest Fires in particularly adverse weather conditions.

The Army has deployed specialist structures, technical equipment and materials of the "Sassari" brigade, of the 3 ° Trasmissioni regiment / 47 "Gennargentu" battalion, of the 1 ° Armored regiment, of 21 ° AVES detachment "Orsa Maggiore" and of the Equestrian Center Military Army Military Command Sardinia, which allowed, in the various phases of the exercise, the simulation of extremely realistic emergency situations thanks to the use of simulation systems, of modern conception, suitably adapted for the needs of the structures in charge of the functions and tasks of Civil protection.
The goal is to launch, in the ambit of the aforementioned Protocols, a structured collaboration capable of allowing the carrying out of complex exercises, making the main training infrastructure of the Army, the polygon of Capo Teulada, a valuable resource, not only for the Armed Forces, but also for the whole national territory.