"Eco day" at the Drasi shooting range


A land reclamation activity took place over the past few days at the Drasi range (AG). A platoon of the 4 ° Palermo Engineers' Regiment removed over 11 tons of demolition materials that had been unloaded by unknown persons in province of Agrigento, confirming the commitment to train and respect the environment.

The materials were found in Drasi (AG), an area where the Italian Army conducts training exercises during the winter months. The road conditions of some roads within the polygon have also been improved during the intervention In the past, the 4 ° Regiment had already taken steps to fix the access road to the area, where there are several houses and farms, allowing a better usability of the neighboring beaches in the last bathing season. This last heap removal operation of demolition materials, unloaded in the area, has further improved the liveability of the area; the tons of materials removed were transferred to a special landfill site for subsequent disposal in accordance with the law.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces