Blood donation to the "Julia" Command and Tactical Support Department

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the staff of the "Julia" section of theFriulian Blood Donors Association (AFDS) collected 20 bags of whole blood and plasma, inside the blood bank made available to the black pens of the "Julia" by the transfusion medicine department of the ASL of Udine. Officers, non-commissioned officers and graduates of the RCST "Julia" donated their blood and also plasma, blood components collected by the Udine AFDS.

The activity, in compliance with the health provisions in force for the COVID 19 emergency, was limited to just 20 people. Also on this occasion the close and effective collaboration between the transfusion center of the Friulian capital, and the command of the command and tactical support department of the "Julia" alpine brigade, led the Alpine troops to donate blood voluntarily and with enthusiasm, as evidence of the high moral values ​​that distinguish the military of the Army.

The AFDS "Julia" Section, born in 2008, has 241 members and from this year it makes use of the collaboration of the colleagues of the ANA group "8 ° Alpini Regiment" of Venzone: in 2020 it collected 215 donations and organized 5 days of group donation at the Civil Hospital of Gemona del Friuli. The president of the AFDS "Julia" section Gianpiero Grazzini has scheduled other days of donation with the blood banks in the Army barracks, at the "Spaccamela" in Udine, at the "Feruglio" in Venzone and at the "Lesa" in Remanzacco, home to both ° land (mountain) artillery regiment of the "Julia", and of the logistic regiment of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade.